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Startup Product Strategy

Whether you have the next million dollar idea or a registered startup, TechAffinity is the perfect technology partner that you need to transform your idea into reality.

Product Approach

We offer an end-to-end product strategy from Validation to Go-To-Market.

Idea Validation

Get your idea validated in multiple ways through researching similar products, identifying the target audience, formal & informal interviews and brainstorm the idea with the related stakeholders.


A storyboard is a graphic organizer that provides the viewer with a high-level view of your product. All the screens and functions are identified and a workflow diagram is generated, which is then converted into wireframes. A storyboard lets you evaluate the user actions and responses in your product.

Proof of Concept (POC)

A POC is a demonstration, the purpose of which is to verify that certain concepts or projects have the potential for real-world application.


A prototype is a working example through which a new model or a new version of an existing product. Though the prototype is not a complete product, it can be used to showcase to investors to seek funding.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Prototypes often influence an MVP and work together to create a successful end product. An MVP is a minimal form of the complete product that is tested in the market. An MVP's iterative process is designed to identify user's pain points when the product is actually tested in the market.


We provide a detailed plan to enhance the overall customer experience by taking into account various aspects of the value proposition such as the quality, resources required, time and cost.


With years of experience in the trenches, working with a variety of business domains and solution types, TechAffinity's agile methodology will accelerate your growth. We consistently assure you the following attributes of every delivered solution:
  • Customized
    UI/UX design
  • Manual And Automated Testing
  • Best in class
    Quality Assurance
  • Clean And
    Well-Documented Code With The Highest Efficiency
  • Post implementation support

Tools Used To validate Your Vision

  • wireframe
  • moqups
  • uxpin
  • invision
  • proto
  • adobe
  • sketch
  • Wireframe
  • Moqups
  • Uxpin
  • Invision
  • ProtoIO
  • Adobe
  • Diamond

List Of Expertise

Fully Customized UI/UX Design

MVP can be tested with real users. We closely monitor and track user responses from the MVP and take corrective measures to rectify any issues.

Reduced Time and Cost

A fully developed product requires a lot of time and money, which may not be feasible for most startups. With our clickable prototypes, you can envision the end product in a matter of days, saving you valuable time and money. A fully functional prototype allows you to confidently approach potential investors.

Expert Team with in-depth domain knowledge

TechAffinity has a strong technology team, who are subject matter experts in various fields.

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