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List Of Back-End Services

Managing users is an integral part of any back-end development and we at TechAffinity have gained expertise in user authentication and authorization in the last decade. Our testing labs ensure that your data is highly secure and can only be accessed by authorized users.

A single page application provides complete separation of concerns where the server side will communicate to the front end only through rest APIs that makes it easy for parallel development of both the components with little to no dependency on each other.

TechAffinity is an industry leader in hosting and managing data securely in Cloud which can be used as storage for all your web based applications. Data stored in the cloud is completely secure, scalable and offers fast access whenever required.

TechAffinity develops real-time and targeted messaging services which deliver highly accurate notifications based on various logical conditions like user location, user status, time, etc. Notifications delivered are highly secure and achieves a very high success ratio.

Mobile Back-End

Notification Services

Push notification is the best tool available for a business to engage with its users. TechAffinity develops highly customized push notification services which are delivered to user’s devices at lightning speeds. Notifications can be delivered to both native and hybrid apps. Detailed reporting and analytics of notifications will be made available in the back-end for the business.

Single Sign-On

TechAffinity offers user authorization through Single Sign-On which makes your application user-friendly. Back-End developed by TechAffinity offers a single login credential which can be used to access various applications which are permitted. There is no need to have multiple credentials which make it easy for the user. Our back-end also enables the admin to track and monitor all user activities in a single id. Credentials can be a traditional username and password or social login or touch based login, etc.

Offline Data Access

TechAffinity develops mobile apps which can function even in offline mode. Using advanced caching strategies we make data management possible 24/7 even when not connected.

Cloud Based Back-End

TechAffinity develops and deploys comprehensive back-end in the cloud which can be scaled up or down dynamically based on the load. Our objective is to reduce your upfront investment and offer a pay per usage model which is cost-effective.

High Performance

TechAffinity delivers back-end which are highly optimized for data access and management. We increase the server response time to the maximum by using strategies and design which ensure that the CPU is never idle. Our robust algorithm has a built-in load testing functionality which dynamically scales the computing resources based on the load at any given time.


TechAffinity always ensures that the data transferred using our back-end are fully encrypted and secured during transmission and storage. TechAffinity follows strict security standards that adhere to the best security protocols in the industry.

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