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DevOps & Cloud Services

We enable you to take a lead in the digital age with smart DevOps & Cloud Services, thus reducing friction in SDLC and simplifying collaboration, communication, integration, and automation.

Our DevOps Services

Infrastructure as Code DevOps

Our DevOps engineers leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC) process to facilitate infrastructure testing and digital infrastructure management via source control.

Continuous Development & Deployment

With Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment, we ease Unit Testing, Automated Testing, and Automated Deployment.


We implement digital infrastructure automation processes to script environment - install operating systems, configure servers, and software communication.

Software Code Testing

We offer software testing such as unit, functional, integration, performance, system, acceptance, and more.

DevOps Docker Solutions

With DevOps Docker solutions, our developers help web applications and mobile applications run efficiently on servers and make app containerization easier.

DevOps Engineering

Our adept DevOps Engineers possess capabilities across programming languages such as C#, Python, Java, JavaScript, etc. and platforms like Linux, SQL, and more.

Our Cloud Services

We have mastered the art of migrating on-premise systems into the cloud. As a reliable cloud computing service provider, we can help you optimize your current cloud solutions by consolidating digital infrastructures, standardizing outdated environments, and modernizing individual resources.

TechAffinity as your DevOps Partner

As a leading DevOps Service provider, our team is composed of cross-functional DevOps experts, working in collaboration to deliver DevOps Services with maximum speed, functionality, and innovation.

  • Decrease the lead time between fixes
  • Improve quality code delivery
  • Reduce the failure rate of new releases
  • Optimize your IT operations cost
  • Increase deployment frequency
  • Attain zero-downtime deployment

Hire DevOps & Cloud Computing Engineers

Our expert DevOps & Cloud Computing engineers handle your challenges and complexities effortlessly to streamline your software development process. Our DevOps engineers make sure to deliver precise DevOps & Cloud Computing Services that can be put to use to meet your requirements.