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Results-oriented Microsoft Advertising Management

Billions are searching every month. Show up when people need your offerings. Spend less - earn better results.

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Is the average cost-per-click (CPC) on Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising). While google CPC costs $20.08

11 Billion

Searches performed every month on the Bing network

125 Million

Unique searchers use Microsoft Search Network in the U.S.

Find Value and Success with Microsoft Advertising

With Microsoft Advertising you can serve ads on Ecosia, Bing, Yahoo and AOL search results. It is one of the most effective ways to reach customers that are looking for your business.

Text Ads on Microsoft Search Network

Text Ads can help you rank high on the Microsoft search network. Further, it drives potential consumers to buy your offerings.

Shopping Campaigns - Microsoft Product Ads

Your shoppers are purchasing online. Create Product Ads using Microsoft shopping campaigns and drive visitors to buy your product.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Advertising Platform

Reach the Unreached Audience

Reach 53.3 million searchers that aren’t reached by Google

Lower Cost-per-click (CPC) Management

Never worry about your budget. Microsoft Advertising Platform has an affordable Cost Per Click (CPC), making it advantageous for businesses of all sizes.

Import Google Ad Campaigns

You don’t have to start things again. Just import your existing PPC campaign if you are already using Google Ads.

Multiple & Flexible Targeting Options

Reach your target audience by taking advantage of the flexible Audience Targeting options such as LinkedIn profile targeting, location targeting, device targeting, and more.

Landing Page Design & Development

A separate landing page for an ad campaign is created to effectively track and monitor the performance of the campaign. Landing pages with exceptional UI/UX design standards convert more visitors into your customers.

Highly targeted landing pages will increase your results, and optimization with A/B testing will help you drive more conversions. When Microsoft Advertising is coupled with exclusive landing pages, you can quickly take care of the two most important elements of a well-performing Microsoft Advertising account.

Higher the conversion rate, higher is your ROI.
Explore new channels for conversion rate optimization.
You don’t have to find someone else to design and develop your landing pages. We do both - Microsoft Advertising management and landing page creation. Let us handle them and you focus on what matters the most to your business.

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