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Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

With our Highly Experienced Testing and QA Team, we Enhance the Quality of your Product and also make it Market-ready.

Types of our Testing

Test Automation

TechAffinity’s test automation methodology has evolved over a decade and this is our primary area of expertise. With a dedicated team of experts, we create the best in the industrial automation testing framework. We have created a Center of Excellence(COE) which builds the competence in automation testing.

All the above-mentioned tests like functional testing, regression testing and compatibility testing are to repeated multiple times during the development process and after going live. It is a time-consuming process to manually test everything multiple times, this is where test automation comes in. We deliver automated testing, which are implemented by the client with ease.

  • Analyze the test cases for automation
  • Design the framework for automation testing
  • Develop the scripts for configuring automation
  • Execute automation testing and review it
  • Knowledge transfer and handover of automation scripts

Functional Testing (QA)

Functional testing is one of the important aspects of QA process. Functional testing is the process of identifying and testing every function of a product and matching the results with the required specification. TechAffinity follows an agile approach in all the phases of functional testing to get the best results. We follow a 7 step process to deliver high-quality products.

  • Identifying the list of functions
  • Designing test cases
  • Creating Inputs for the functions
  • Feeding the inputs
  • Examining the output
  • Matching the actual output with the desired output
  • Detailed reporting of the defects and deviations

Regression Testing

TechAffinity’s regression testing suite is designed to ensure that new features and enhancements to your existing product do not cause any issues or bugs in the existing code. The primary objective is to make sure that there is minimum disruption during updates while the cost is kept low. Our systematic approach to regression testing is as follows:

  • Identify and review new changes/enhancements introduced
  • Re-run all the previous test cases to analyze new errors
  • Design regression test strategy for the new changes
  • Perform impact analysis of new functions on the old ones
  • Log and report any impacts there may be

Compatibility Testing

The objective of compatibility testing is to make sure that product functions smoothly across various platforms, operating systems, devices, etc. Our comprehensive compatibility lab tests a product on all possible operating systems, platforms, servers, devices and hardware. TechAffinity’s lab is regularly updated with all latest operating system and software. If a particular device or server is not available in our lab, it is acquired in a short span of time from our contracted hardware and software vendors. Our holistic approach to compatibility testing is as follows:

  • Identify all possible platforms, OS, devices, etc
  • Prepare a compatibility checklist and publish it to all stakeholders
  • Design test cases for all the platforms
  • Execute and log test cases results
  • Develop automation framework for continuous compatibility testing

Our Platform Coverage

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