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Our Functional Testing Process

Using our expert QA testers, we leverage unified Functional Testing and Automated Functional Testing to deliver the best results by verifying and validating all features using the standard QA tools for Software Quality Assurance.

Our functional testing team with expert QA software testers interacts one-on-one with you to clearly understand the project goals, objectives, and results. This saves a lot of time, effort, and money while working on your project.

The functional testing results of every defect are examined, analyzed, and reported. A priority list of defects is developed during software functional testing. All the software bugs are identified, monitored, and their life cycles are thoroughly noted.

The most important feature of software functional testing is performing regression testing. The functional test makes sure our solutions do not impact your app’s performance in any significant way.

We gather information about which parts of a program are executed when running the test suite to determine which branches of conditional statements have been taken and how much of your code is exercised by running the test.

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Why Test Automation

We successfully update our existing systems and accommodate new changes using our automation testing tools. This reduces cost, improves efficiency, and enables business process transformation.

Integrating with Existing Tests

Test Automation ensures a lot of regression tests are performed on their own for each release. As a result, it requires less effort by our QA tester in integrating new changes with the already existing ones.

Latest Security Updates

With the rapid changes in test management tools, automation testing is the way forward to stay in touch with the current software security updates for different browsers and operating systems.

Improvement in Manual Testing

By slowly removing repetitive and outdated tests, our automation testing team’s QA software testers can use their knowledge, expertise, and creativity in recognizing potential software bugs and ensuring a better product for the users.

Well-Built Automation Framework

As part of Automated Software Testing, we have a test automation framework that runs tests faster and with higher efficiency. With decreasing levels of QA testers’ supervision, a lot of time and money is saved with every successive update.

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Benefits of Performance Testing

As part of Quality Assurance Testing, we assist you in taking care of your website performance needs as it reflects on the credibility of your company. Our QA testers deliver the best Website Performance Testing, Website Load Testing, and Software Testing Services.

High Application Availability

The downtime of an app or an element significantly impacts the likelihood of it being used by the user. Longer downtimes lead to decreased revenue and increased operational costs, which can be handled with the help of load tests, stress tests, and test management tools.

Great User Experience

Great user experience is important for online businesses and even a mild performance issue will directly affect your app’s user experience. App usability can help you measure and capture the top-performing metrics to proceed further with technical analysis.

Transparent Software

We assist you with software management by giving you access and control of your apps from the very beginning. Being transparent and efficient, we provide you with options for monitoring, practical improvements, and recovery plans throughout the software test plan lifecycle.

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Benefits of Usability Testing

Our QA testers perform usability testing and provide a report on errors that bring down the overall user experience.

Save Development Cost

Our expert usability testing QA testers can help you with making significant savings in development costs.

Simulate Real-Time Scenarios

To develop a better customer experience strategy, our usability testing team’s QA testers periodically checks for possible improvements.

Focus on User Experience

Our QA testers perform usability testing and provide a report on errors that bring down the overall user experience.

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TechAffinity as your Test Advisory & Consulting Partner

We understand your problems by comprehending the gaps and helping you in your digital business transformation. After issuing the initial advisory, we follow up and help you in making the necessary adjustments in your journey to leverage competitive advantage.

Our Advisory Services Include:

  • Agile Test Capabilities Advisory

  • Test Benchmark Advisory

  • Test Tools Advisory

  • Test Automation Advisory

Our Transformation Services Include:

  • Agile Transformation Services

  • Test Transformation Services

  • Test Engineering Value Additions

  • Test Center of Excellence

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