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Platform Integration Services

In a world where most of the software functionalities and data are readily available, integrating them into your application is the smart thing to do. This is where you need a technology partner like TechAffinity who are pioneers in developing APIs and integration.

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Why Platform Integration

It is not advisable for any businesses to develop all the aspects of their application. Though developing in-house will provide a customized solution it will be expensive and time consuming. With the raise of Third-party Platforms it is always easy to integrate/interface with these platforms to achieve amplified efficiency with the least development effort.

Platform Integration Examples

  • Customer Resource Management Systems – CRM

  • Billing Management Systems

  • Business Intelligence Tools

  • Logistics Live Tracking

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • Social Media Integration

  • Ticketing Systems

  • Chat Integrations

Our Approach

Interfacing through Service Calls

For platforms that provides an API, we integrate it with the client application without touching their existing code.


Integration through Middleware

For platforms that does not expose any service calls, then TechAffinity will manually carry out the integration. The developed middleware layer ensures a smooth handshake between the client application and the third party application.

Our Edge on Platform Integration

Security Interoperability

Seamless Integration

Loosely Coupled Integration

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- Katherine Barchetti